Illustration for the National Post by Steve Murray

Illustration for the National Post by Steve Murray

How and why I self-published, National Post, Dec. 7 2012

“There’s an idea: Vampire Smurfs!” interview

I wrote a note to my 14-year-old self: “Dear Wynne, I’m you much later.” In support of Books Against Bullying

“So my dad looked at the cover of What Kills Me and asked why are there butterflies exploding from her chest and not blood?” Post on Treasured Tales for Young Adults

What’s been the most challenging thing about writing and/or self-publishing this book? I am my own worst enemy. Interview by Harlequin author Vicki Essex

I’m obsessed with loose leaf tea. If everyone bled Earl Grey Cream Tea, I’d be a vampire. Interview on K-Books

If I had to die, it would be In a blizzard of vanilla cupcakes. Interview with A.A. Omer.

Who are you freakishly friendly people? Do only nice people self-publish? Or does self-publishing turn you into literary Mother Teresas? A Life Among the Pages

I don’t get starstruck. (Not sure if it would’ve been professional to tackle Hugh Jackman in a hug while sobbing “I love you Wolverine!”) Guest post for Rebecca Hamilton

Some readers will ask: Is Zee you? I’m a lot more sarcastic and pessimistic. The coins in my swear jar could buy a car. Guest post on Fangtastic Books

I am grateful for the insomnia and the nightmares, because now I have a book — and a Slap Chop. Guest post on dreams for S.M. Boyce

Dinner with a fav fictional character? We’d all be dead, or eaten by Hannibal Lector before the appetizers came. Interview with WinterHaven Books

I’d rather be one of those chubby cherubs in Disney’s Fantasia. I’d get to float around buck naked and help people fall in love. Interview on Synchronized Reading

What is it that we love about fear? Guest Post for Shah Wharton

My first (and hopefully last) ride in the back of a police vehicle. Guest Post about Getting Lost for Good Choice Reading

One of the most memorable moments of my life. Guest Post for TToria

See what all the fuss is about!

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