When a giant film production company takes apart your novel, what do you do?

I wrote this post for Journey With Books and wanted to share it with you, my author and blogger friends again:
“You should attempt to veil your petty jealousy over not being nearly as kind, talented or beautiful as [actress].”
I got smacked with this message from a movie distributor after I wrote an obviously less than positive critique of his film. As part of my job at a national newspaper in Canada, I write movie reviews. I re-read that message several times, until the sting went away and then I swallowed the note (not literally — though eating paper is probably more pleasant than getting criticism).

Review: “Everything about this novel was incredible”

Thank you to the lovely people at A Book and a Record for this great review of What Kills Me:

“Axelia, Axelia, Zee. Ahh, this girl, oh man, she sounded like every girl that I know wrapped up in one! What an amazing character and voice, her reaction to becoming a vampire are at times both heart wrenching and hilarious, and her first impressions of Lucas made me laugh out loud. I loved watching her fight for survival as well acclimating to becoming a vampire.”

Check out the rest of the review here.

Reviewer gives 5/5 (and acts out the fight scenes…)

Thanks to A. A. Omer for this amazing review on her blog. (And as long as she didn’t hurt herself, I’m happy she could get a few punches in… though I’m totally picturing her beheading stuffed animals and drop-kicking pillows. Maybe I need a disclaimer: “The stunts in this book were performed by 600-year-old vampires. Please do not attempt…”)

Omer: “The fight scenes were so vivid in my mind that I proceeded to act them out in my room (…you know…to make sure they were accurate). The setting was so beautifully described, both Italy and later Taiwan, that these places were literally painted beneath my eye lids as though I was there as well.”

“Axelia (or Zee in the novel) is not your ordinary vampire newbie.  Her reactions to this new world that she’s been thrust through are real and at times hilarious. She stumbles and messes up despite how powerful she’s supposed to be and that made me like her more.”

Read the full review on her blog.

Reviews are in: “A definite must-read!”

Early reader reviews are in!

“It’s a refreshing take on the vampire lore that will have you laughing your socks off and emotionally invested in the heroine. The writing is splendid, the pacing is right on and the chemistry between the characters bring a tinge of realism to this fantastical world. A definite must-read and addition to your e-shelves.” – Review on Amazon.com

“I have never written a review before even though I have read and enjoyed loads of books. I liked this one so much I felt I had to tell people about it. I downloaded What Kills Me yesterday and I could not put it down. It was so easy to read and a definite page turner.
The way in which Wynne Channing wrote it made it very atmospheric resulting in the story being easy to visualize in my head… The characters are believable and well rounded and the motivation and behaviour makes sense unlike a lot of authors. The plot unfolded at a smooth and good pace.” – Review on Amazon.co.uk

Get your copy now and let me know what you think!