When a giant film production company takes apart your novel, what do you do?

I wrote this post for Journey With Books and wanted to share it with you, my author and blogger friends again:
“You should attempt to veil your petty jealousy over not being nearly as kind, talented or beautiful as [actress].”
I got smacked with this message from a movie distributor after I wrote an obviously less than positive critique of his film. As part of my job at a national newspaper in Canada, I write movie reviews. I re-read that message several times, until the sting went away and then I swallowed the note (not literally — though eating paper is probably more pleasant than getting criticism).

The Forever Girl Author Rebecca Hamilton and the golden touch

Rebecca Hamilton’s first work of fiction was a short story in elementary school about King Midas. She added this twist: everything he touched turned to chocolate. “In the end, he turned himself into chocolate and a dog ate him,” she says.

In January, the 27-year-old Florida-based mother of three with no prior writing experience published her debut novel, The Forever Girl. And some of her peers in the indie writing community regard her as having the “golden touch.”

In six months, her best-selling paranormal fantasy novel has sold more than 6,000 copies. (To put this in perspective, a book is a Canadian bestseller if it sells 5,000 copies and that could take years.) She has almost 70,000 followers on Twitter and 300 reviewers have rated the book mostly five-stars on Amazon. “I expected to sell a few copies and figured that would be better than selling none,” she says. Continue reading

Blogger Book Fair: All’s Fair in Blogs and More!

Welcome to my booth at the Blogger Book Fair! In this space, there will be blood. Monster blood that is. Tune in for the Tournament of the Monsters and much more!

Here’s a schedule of events:

Thursday: Round One of the Tournament of Monsters (eight of the ultimate creatures battle to the death)

Friday: Round Two of the Tournament of Monsters (four monsters remain)

Saturday: Round Three (only two monsters remain in the tournament so VOTE for your favourite!)

We’ll also have a special guest Saturday: S.M.Boyce, celebrated author of the top-rated series The Grimoire Trilogy, will share with us her favourite monster.

Sunday: The winner of the Tournament of Monsters will be crowned!

We end the fair with an article about Rebecca Hamilton, author of the acclaimed series, The Forever Girl. Find out about her book’s incredible journey.

Guest post on Fangtastic Books: Is Zee you?

Some readers will ask: Is Zee you?

We both talk when we’re nervous (my grade school teacher told my mother that I suffered from “verbal diarrhea”)…But in a lot of ways, we are very different. I’m a lot more sarcastic and pessimistic. The coins in my swear jar could buy a car.

Check out the rest of my guest post on Fangtastic Books!

Parental approval for What Kills Me

“So my dad looked at the cover of What Kills Me and asked why are there butterflies exploding from her chest and not blood? I laughed. My dad likes hard-core action movies; naturally, he wants more blood.”

Alishia at Treasured Tales for Young Adults was kind enough to host me as a guest on her blog and I wrote about my mom and dad.

“There’s an idea: Vampire Smurfs!” Vampires.com interviews me about What Kills Me

“When I wrote the novel, I didn’t try to make my vampires extremely different — I didn’t give them tails or blue skin (ooh, there’s an idea: Vampire Smurfs!) — I wanted to create realistic characters and a fast-paced, thrilling plot.”

Click here read the rest of my interview with the wonderful people at Vampires.com.