Book Club

What’s Lucas’s problem? And what’s up with all of the butterfly imagery?

Wynne invites you to read and discuss What Kills Me as part of your book club!

Instructions: Gather a group of friends, buy some cake (everyone thinks better with cake), and get talking.

Bonus: Wynne loves to talk (a teacher once told her mother that Wynne had “verbal diarrhea”). She would happy to join in on the discussion via Skype or Google Chat, etc. Contact her!

Possible discussion points:

Would you want to live forever? Why or why not?

After Zee becomes a vampire, Uther advises her not to contact her family. “If they believe that you are alive, they will wait for you to come home…They will wait forever. They will never grieve and they will never move on.” What would you have done?

Zee trusted the wrong person and it lead to the end of her human life. Lucas, on the other hand, has a hard time trusting anyone. Who do you identify with more? Which is better?

Lucas tells Zee, “Be brave.” But there are different kinds of bravery. What do you think was Zee’s bravest act? Name a time when you acted bravely.

Several times in the novel, Zee swears she won’t do something but ends up breaking her word. Can you name the times that she foreshadows her own misadventures?

Wynne uses butterfly and moth imagery several times in the novel. What do you think it means?

Zee is such a loyal person and her dedication to her friends is seen as a wonderful thing. But every vampire who swears allegiance to the monarchy is cast as a villain. When is loyalty not a good thing?

Wynne likes characters that are neither good nor bad. (“Sometimes people or monsters find themselves on opposing sides.”) Aside from Paolo, who is so obviously psycho, what do you think about the “bad guys” in What Kills Me? What would you do if you were the Empress or the General?

At the end of Book One, a huge revelation changes everything. If you were Zee, what would you do next?

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10 thoughts on “Book Club

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  2. WOW! I loved “What Kills Me”! You made Zee so human & relatable. She’s one funny, very real vamp!! The fight scenes that you created were edge-of-my-seat nail biters & the relationship between Zee & Lucas develops at a believable pace. When’s the next book in the series going to be released? Soon? I hope I hope…& what’s the title of book #2?
    Please keep doin’ what you do Ms Channing. 🙂

  3. I love this series so much i reread it again. I notice more the little pieces of hints for possible story leads. Its so fresh. You give the character growth and emotion, bringing the characters to life. Unrealistic situations in this fictional world somehow impacts the reader, problems faced relatable in our mundane human life. I’ve become so attached to the characters and their struggle. I really can’t wait for part 3. Thank you, its been a gift to read your books.

  4. You’ve left us hanging so long my neck is well and truly broken… My toes dangle in the air. I’m dying … for book number three.

    I loved the two books in your series. Zee is fresh and doesn’t have all the baggage most writers load onto their young female characters. There is only one problem. Where is the rest? Come on…you know Zee has to take care of that nasty queen! I’m waiting for my front row ticket.

      • I’m so sorry for the long delay. The third was planned but life got in the way with the birth of children and the publication of a non-fiction book. I apologize — I do plan on finishing the last instalment, I just can’t say when. Thank you so much for checking in though.

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