The what and how of writing — Writing process blog hop!

The wonderful Jen McConnel tagged me in this blog hop; here’s her writing process post. As for me…

1) What am I working on? I’m plotting two projects at the moment: the third and final instalment of the What Kills Me series and a stand-alone psychological thriller set in a high school.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? Readers have told me that the What Kills Me series breathes fresh life (so to speak) into the vampire genre. I didn’t try to make it unique. I wanted to write a superhero’s journey, an adventure novel about a normal girl thrown into the most extraordinary circumstances.

3) Why do I write what I do? I was obsessed with supernatural and horror novels when I was a teenager. I used to wait months for new releases of Christopher Pike books, devour them in a few hours and be upset that I had to wait for the next. I figured that when I grew up, I could torture teenagers the same way.

4) How does my writing process work? For What Kills Me, I imagined key scenes throughout the story. A girl crawling out of a well covered in blood. A fight scene in a Taipei alley. A spectacular and shocking conclusion. I see my books very cinematically; I have moments that I see very clearly in my mind.

Plotting allows me to plan for twists. It allows me to see where I can put in red herrings, moments of irony, and foreshadowing. Plus, What Kills Me is the first of a series. Since I’ve plotted parts of Part Three, I know what bread crumbs to leave in Part One to lead up.

1 thought on “The what and how of writing — Writing process blog hop!

  1. Ms. Channing,

    I just finished reading “What Kills Me”.

    As someone who has been reading science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction of all types since I was about seven (my paternal grandmother taught me to read shortly after I turned four) – that was nearly 64 years ago, I want to thank you for an exceptionally good read.

    I have read everything the “Old Masters” ever wrote (Bob Heinlein, Sir Issac Asimov, Andre Norton, Ray Bradbury, et al). For pleasure reading, I cruise along at about 650 wpm and read between 20 – 30 books per month. I calculate I have read between 15 and 25,000 books so far in my life. I have read at least some of every vampire novel printed from Bram Stoker to “Well”, written by Wynne Channing – who happens to have a sence of humor like my twin brother and I.

    I found the ability for a “vampire” to live in the light of day intrguing. You may have addressed this in “I Am Forever”, which I am going to read, but will all the vampires in your universe have the ability to sun themselves on the beaches of the Pacific or the French Riviera?

    If they do, will they need special sunblock for vampires with names like Italian Tan, British Glow White or American Swirl?

    I hope by now you know I really enjoyed “What Kills Me”. You now have an old new friend. Thank You.

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