Killer Fashion — costume design in I Am Forever

30d58efb804e09b634f22af4270476c9A version of this post appeared on Jennifer’s amazing site, The Bawdy Book Blog. Entitled, Die-Hard Fashion: Style in Wynne Channing’s I Am Forever, I talked about how I wanted the clothing to be part of the story; I wanted it to reflect the emotions of the characters or their evolution. I’ve been pinning images via Pinterest to create a style storyboard. Here are a number of images that I pinned and how they inspired the wardrobe in Book Two.

The vampire Monarchy is all about appearances so what they wear is super important. Dressing the Monarchy is an exercise in excess. They’re all about bling, glitz and glamour. They don’t dress for comfort so their wardrobes are creative and bold and out-there.

18b341448691bb61eb5d1a4eab9e53a9When Zee arrives at the Monarchy, Dresser Pavone (named after Montreal label, PAVONI — I love catching their fashion shows during Toronto fashion week) puts her in ridiculous clothing in bright colors (yellows and blues) and awkward shapes that make her stick out. Because that’s how she feels, especially since everyone is staring at her all of the time slack-jawed.

6911bdd17dc91a04505088eed388110e adefeee876876626cd4ea2f1d82c8a13Dresser Pavone is herself over-the-top. She’s a diva. When Zee meets her, she’s dressed in a leather jacket and a billowing skirt: “Motorcycle club on top. Ballroom on the bottom.”

9cf87f10f9ba333c2fa5c810624acf008cac9d36e03a3c3fbe13baee2cca9145As Pavone gets to know her and as Zee feels more at ease with the Monarchy, her style changes and softens. It becomes more of a reflection of her humanity. But for her unveiling ceremony, she had to look “god-like.” I put Zee in head-to-toe gems. I wanted the other vampires to look upon her as this shining figure — I wanted them to bow in awe.

fef270f411435b429647695450c1149c b97a05f7ad4707e711361ea2801a97e1 3a5c7d7e67788cd249e9e6577c684368The Empress is power. She’s sleek. Sexy. She’s a beautiful poisonous snake (and I put her in a snakeskin suit for the final scene. When she first meets Zee, she wears a gauzy white dress to soften her look. But mostly, the Empress’s wardrobe is a reflection of the leader that she is. She wears metallics to symbolize armor. She also mixes sultry body-hugging and revealing silhouettes with more masculine pant-suits.

07e0badeb15d37f1a523f20eff1d186a 7efbc63bfab6fd3de4c4688d09ea052d 86d6a02d3db49c9fcc26b740cda52176 157d0d326aaf41e4b0db458d2a22ae68 36425d89266c905924198d2cd7e2cd21I dressed the maids in beige because the Monarchy would want them to be invisible. Their lower status means that they should not be seen. I saw them as beautiful ghosts. But I gave Brogan red hair because I wanted her to stand out a tiny bit to foreshadow her defiance and the bit of fire within her.

accb2094a793655857d0a3a68d4f4f4f 68467746213403732180527d925bc14c 247810f8422d9b2c512556fb0bcf979bThen there are the guards and the rebels with their mohawks and their leather. Samira and her fellow rebels move amongst humans. Their style would be more urban, more well, human-like.

610eb99b0c96c305fc99ddb4e00d160d 7a1e3cffd50f5c8ce6f9aef5f33850e5

Outfitting everyone for the dramatic ballroom scene was fun. How would you dress for a royal party if you had infinite resources and needed to impress everyone?


be9d757fc3a4dcb7a5356b3ed45776f4 eb395089a3f6fa7b1531893cb19f0f45 0b050bf77bfa6bc56e0dce00a4a40bf7For the ball, Pavone puts Zee in red. The color of blood — the symbol of what binds them all.

eef1e601526e58cc49a95ddcb98eab8cWhat’s your favorite outfit from I Am Forever? Haven’t gotten a lesson in immortal style? Grab Book Two in the What Kills Me series

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