Pay It Forward: A.E. Howard gets hooked on Keith Robinson

Finally, this feature concludes with the wonderful A.E. Howard. So grateful for everyone’s participation this week. If there’s an author that you appreciate or love, send them a note. I’m sure they’ll be glad to hear it!


I’m paying it forward to a fellow MG writer, Keith Robinson. I recently finished all of his Island of Fog books.

After reading the first one, I was interested in the rest of them. But after book two, I was hooked and lost hours of sleep to finishing the rest of them. I love a good fantasy tale as I think the elements are timeless regardless of whether or not it was written for children. So while Island of Fog is definitely an excellent middle grade fantasy, it’s just a great story, period. Robinson’s world is very well built with lots of detail and intrigue to keep you guessing as you follow the kids on their adventures and discoveries. It’s also very creatively done, and stands out as its own unique world while living pretty solidly in a contemporary fantasy genre.

The characters are fun and well-developed, and Robinson does a good job of living inside the heads of these kids and keeping their reactions and such true to age.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who like fantasy, regardless of age.

Read the blurb from the first one and try it for free here:

ISLAND OF FOG is a story of intrigue and conspiracy. The reader follows Hal Franklin as he struggles to accept that he and his friends are something more than ordinary children, and that their parents have been covering up the truth the whole time. With their trust shaken and the unexpected arrival of a strange woman from Out There, the children hide their frightening shapeshifting abilities and pretend nothing is wrong.

aehw-front-pageAbout A.E. Howard: Once upon a time there was a little girl who read a book and thought, one day, I’ll find another world. Many years later, after a near death experience at a traffic light, she passed a possum dying on the side of the road. She stopped, and with its dying breaths, the possum imparted a tale so wondrously strange, she drove home realizing the new world she’d been searching for was right there all along. So she embarked on a quest of mythic proportions, traveled far and wide to the farthest corners of this world to uncover its secrets. Now she’s bringing the story to you.

Between chasing chickens off the porch and raising her son, A.E. Howard tells tales of the three Realms, and the boy who changed it all.

Visit her personal blog:

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