Pay It Forward: Beck Sherman toasts “Superwoman” Kayla Curry

I couldn’t agree more with author Beck Sherman’s choice for her “Pay It Forward” pick. Author, organizer of the on-going Blogger Book Fair and all-round great person, Kayla Curry.

(Don’t forget! Feel free to “pay it forward” to another author in the comment section and let them know so they can name someone else and so on, and so on.)

6442931Kayla Curry is Superwoman. No, she really is. How she balances being a mother of two young children, turning out so many amazing books and short stories, and organizing what is fast becoming the online “place to be” twice a year if you’re an author, blogger, or reader, I can’t even fathom. And the cherry on top is that she’s a good person. A while back I expressed my sadness over receiving a negative review and Kayla said something along the lines of this: “There are people in the world who don’t like chocolate.” My doubts lifted, sure to return another day, but gone for now, thanks to Kayla. 

So I’d like to ask all BBF authors and bloggers to raise your heavily caffeinated beverage of choice and toast: To Kayla! Without whom we’d maybe have been a little more rested this past weekend, but our publishing endeavors would be a lot less fun.”

* * *

revampBeck Sherman’s cover reveal is happening now over at DyingToWrite. The second book Goodbye Nothing is a chilling New Adult Horror Thriller in the same vein as Dexter and American Psycho and will be out September 3rd.

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14 thoughts on “Pay It Forward: Beck Sherman toasts “Superwoman” Kayla Curry

  1. Aw, thank you Beck! That means so much to me! Every author, blogger and reader I meet is an inspiration. I am always so surprised to see how this community supports each other. Good advice is not hard to find in the group of authors I associate with and Wynne and Beck are two of them.

    I would have to say that the author that I turn to the most when I need some good advice or an honest opinion is S.M. Boyce. She is smart, funny and trustworthy. I am blessed to know her and the other authors in our little group.

  2. I consider Rachael Wade my writing fairy godmother. She’s invited me to participate in online events, joint readings/signings, and even handed out Spellbound and Aurora Sky swag at her Book Bash booth in Orlando last month. She is as nice in person as she is online. I love this woman!

    I’m over halfway through her new NA novel, Repossession, an action-packed sexy sci-fi thrill ride that any Terminator fan will love.

    • Wow, Nikki….just wow. I love you back, woman! I feel honored and totally blessed to have crossed paths with you and call you friend. Thank you for thinking of me for this post!

      I’d pay it forward right back to you. I consider you one of my closest writer friends. As S.M. Boyce mentioned, you are pretty lovely. You make me laugh, I’m an Aurora Sky fangirl, and your support holds me up more than you know. You’re down-to-earth and an all around friendly gal. You’ve got me in your corner!

      Much love,
      Rachael xo

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