Delusion and deception: Year of the Snake Blog Hop!

yearofthesnakeAccording to fortune tellers, this year of the snake will bring change and tumult. As part of the Year of the Snake Blog Hop organized by the marvellous Wendy S. Russo, participants must find a passage in their work that embodies the spirit of the snake: a symbol of wisdom and cunning, but also delusion and deception.

In What Kills Me, the society of vampires is all about deceit. Zee trusts all the wrong people. And it always ends in death:

“You’re a sweet girl,” he whispered.

He brushed a strand of hair from my face, his finger tips tracing a soft line across my forehand and down my cheek. I became shy and showed him the top of my head. He lifted my chin so that we met eyes, our faces inches apart.

I had stopped breathing. I felt like at any moment, I would melt into the floor. As he leaned in, I fixated on his parted lips and I felt his hand slip around my waist. I thought he was going to kiss my forehead. Instead, he rested the side of his mouth against my temple and whispered in my ear.


“Yes,” I said, breathlessly.

“Now that I have you here all alone, what do you think I’m going to do to you?”

His voice was low, his breath cool. I swallowed. “What?”

“I’m going to kill you.”

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Soul thieves and cuddly pets with super powers: The Best and Worst of Grimoire!

Blogger Book Fair Button copy

Welcome to my “booth” at the Blogger Book Fair!  The Best and Worst of Books and Blogs (2012) continues today with a very special guest. Best-selling fantasy novelist S.M. Boyce is stopping by today with highlights (and lowlights) from her wildly popular Grimoire series. Without further ado…

Best time to open a strange book with an awesome cover. When you’re stuck in an underground library with no way out. Kara opens a strange book with a fascinating symbol on it, only to be marked as the Vagabond of a hidden world she never knew existed. With that title comes power, enemies, allies, and the Grimoire: a handbook of priceless secrets.

Worst way to respond to danger. Being so terrified that your feet freeze to the floor and your lips won’t move. When Kara is faced with a soul thief that can enslave her soul for hundreds of years—they’re called isen—she can’t run away or even use her sharp wit to escape. Luckily, the isen isn’t interested in stealing her soul. Yet.

Worst reason to trust a stranger. When you have no other choices. When Kara is thrown into this hidden world of Ourea, she has very few allies. Everyone is hunting her. Her choices are to trust a rebel prince named Braeden or die trying to survive this ruthless world. Trusting Braeden seems like the better of two evils, but will it destroy her in the end?

Best escape from danger. When the enemy just doesn’t see it coming. Kara and her Grimoire are full of surprises, all of them designed to save her hide when the inevitable happens and others try to enslave her.

Best pet ever. The cuddly ones with super powers. Flick is a little fox-like mammal that hatches from an egg and has super powers like teleportation, heightened intelligence, and big round eyes that get him anything when he pouts.

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Blogger Book Fair: The best and worst books of 2012 (Day 2)

Blogger Book Fair Button copyThe Best and Worst of Books and Blogs continues with the fabulous Andrea Buginsky, author of The Chosen, and Shannon McRoberts, author of The Daughter of Ares Chronicles. They’ve shared their favorite (and not-so-favorite) book/blog moments from the last year:

Best debut author: Natasha Brown released her first novel, Fledgling: The Shapeshifter Chronicles (Volume 1), in January 2012. It was followed by the second book in the series, Prodigy, in November. — Andrea Buginsky

Breaking DawnBest movie from a book: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. What can I say? I’m a HUGE fan of the series, both the books and the movies. — A. B.

Cutest book: The Escape by Kirstin Pulioff [is] perfect for young boys and girls.  It was entertaining enough for me as an adult though! — Shannon McRoberts

Worst book I read: Surprisingly, it was Witch and Wizard by James Patterson. I expected so much more from him, but there were way too many details to work through, and it was broken up into too many chapters. — A. B.

Best indie sci-fi/fantasy: Fantacia. A world full of fantasy and myth weaved around angels, vampires, humans, and Voxians! — S. M.

intothedark333x500BLOGSBest “creeped me out” book: Into the Dark by Stacy Green. This book really had me squirming! —A. B.

Best ending of a book: Whether I’ll Live or Die by Stacy Eaton. The ending of this book had me in tears. I had a feeling it was going to turn out the way it did. —A. B.

Best of vamps: The Nightlife: New York (The Nightlife Series) by Travis Luedke. A great take on the vampire myth and very sexy. —S. M.

Best reason to plug your own series: The Daughter of Ares Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy has a surprise ending to this set of three books that many do not expect. — S. M. Continue reading

Vote for What Kills Me (and others) in the Reader’s Choice Awards!

YOUNG ADULT12I know. I have one of these already from last year. And it’s really nice to share. BUT, it’s also really awesome to win twice!

I’m half-joking. However, if you loved What Kills Me, I’d of course be grateful for your support. Sheri at Shut Up And Read is hosting the Blogger Book Fair Awards again! Please vote for What Kills Me in the following categories:

  • Dark, Paranormal, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
  • Young Adult

Check out some of the other wonderful books in all of the categories and pick your favorites. They’re all winners. (But at the end of the fair, well, you know, everyone can’t win.)

Thanks for your support!

Why go to a fair? To get free stuff! Win Wynne’s prizes!!!

Prize!I’m greedy. When I go to fairs, I want to know what I can get for free! That’s the spirit, right? With that in mind, I’m giving away goodies at the Blogger Book Fair:

  • An e-copy of my adventure novel What Kills Me, which won the Reader’s Choice Award in the Young Adult category at last year’s fair.
  • A signed bookmark
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The Best and Worst of Books and Blogs (Day 1)!

Blogger Book Fair Button copyDoes anyone remember 2012? What an eventful year. U.S. re-elected Obama. Facebook went public. Kate Middleton became preggers. And my debut novel, What Kills Me, came out (that totally deserves to be up there…right?)

In any case, for the 2013 Blogger Book Fair, I invited some amazing authors and bloggers to help me reflect on the BEST AND WORST in books from the last year. I’m honored to be joined by Becca Campbell, author of Foreign Identity and Sub-Normal, Thomas Winship, author of the thrilling Vaempires series, and Kayla Curry, author of Obsidian and the organizer of this awesome fair.

Best Chapter-by-Chapter Recap of the Most Controvercial Book of 2012: Jenny Trout did what many of us could not. She endured reading 50 Shades of Grey and recapped each chapter in a hilarious and sometimes serious way. She continued her venture by reading 50 Shades Darker and is now working on 50 Shades Freed. Not only is Jenny Trout funny and opinionated, but she is also a talented author. — Kayla Curry

Vaempires- Zombie Rising Front CoverBest mash-up of popular undead things: Thomas Winship brought zombies and vampires together in his third book, Vaempires: Zombies Rising. Vamp-bies. Or zom-pires? Who cares. Awesomesauce. — Wynne Channing

Best Opossum Sorcerer Reginald from Flight of Blue by Anna Howard. He is haughty and condescending, a mighty feat for someone so small, so furry, and who often goes around unclothed as to appear incognito as an ordinary “possum.” He is often quite hilarious without ever realizing it. — Becca Campbell

Best example of sisterly love (and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout lesbian nuns): Nikki Jefford’s Twitches in Entangled. — Thomas Winship

Best come-on lines to a grieving woman (‘cuz mourning girls need love, too): Rachel Firasek’s Creating Fate. — T.W.

Imhotep VS vampsMost unlikely defeat There’s no way a mummy would ever kill a vampire. Uh…vampires are already dead! But it happened in the Tournament of Monsters on my blog at last year’s Blogger Book Fair. Rematch please. — W.C.

Best summer novel-writing adventure JuNoWriMo (, the brain child of Becca Campbell and Anna Howard, provides a tightly-knit group of support and camaraderie for writers who want to tackle a novel in June. And it’s loads of fun! — B.C.

Best example of an author who fights for the good guys Rebecca Hamilton launched her Books Against Bullying campaign to draw attention to an important issue. Support her! — W.C.

Best “thank the heavens for a heroine who puts a$$ kickin’ ahead of (a$$) kissin'”: Wynne Channing’s Zee in What Kills Me. — T.W. (I swear, I didn’t give Thomas any money to write this. Well, I may have threatened to hurt him a little.)

Best fantasy novel to make love to my eyes in a loooooong time (sigh): S.M. Boyce’s Lichgates. — T.W.

revampBest “Why Me?” lines ever (“I was drugged, I was hungry, I was angry, I had just committed my first murder, and I was covered in other people’s bodily fluids. California was not at all what I expected.”): Beck Sherman’s Revamp. — T.W.

Best uniter of independent authors Kayla Curry, coordinator of the Blogger Book Fair, deserves a huge credit for getting so many great authors and bloggers together in one place several times a year. — B.C.

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