Authors, meet your champions: Franny and Silvia, Dark World Books is born!



One bestselling author described their book blog tours as “epic.”

Meet Francesca Poggi and Silvia Paoletta of Dark World Books. Their newly launched company offers customized boutique services such as: book tours, book trailers, design services, and more. The UK-based team helps independent and published authors of Urban/Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Steampunk, YA Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance and Dark Erotica.

Last year, the duo worked with about 30 authors including yours truly. (They organized a blog tour for What Kills Me and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience.) I’m thrilled that they made some time to answer some questions about their work:

Q How did you two meet?

We met eight years ago thanks to the mutual passion for the TV shows Buffy and Angel and we’ve been inseparable since. We’ve been very excited to finally start this journey.

Q What are the benefits of a blog tour?

The best thing about blog tours is that they can literally make a book (and the author) travel worldwide. It’s not just a matter of spreading the word about a novel, bloggers are also curious to know who’s behind it. They like to know what kind of person the author is, and that’s the reason why we always encourage authors to do interviews and guest posts. A blog tour doesn’t necessarily guarantee a boost in sales, but what it does, is generate interest, and that’s what authors need to focus on during the tour.

Q What kind of advice do you have for authors trying to spread the word about their books (besides get help from Dark World Books)?

Oh, well, that’s very flattering, thank you! Beside us, what they can do is be active on their social media pages as much as they can, be involved in spotlights and interact with bloggers as much as possible.

Q How can authors distinguish their books from the millions out there?

Every book is different and has something special to tell. Authors shouldn’t struggle with making any comparison to others out there and surely trying not to imitate any of them, readers don’t appreciate that at all. Because a book that makes you dream is priceless and, as far as we are concerned, it’s not the one you see with your eyes, but always the one you see with your mind. So authors, keep writing about every beautiful vision you have and keep letting us dream, it’s the best gift you can give us.

Q What can authors do to help you guys and bloggers promote their books?

The key word in this is: interact. Retweet our tweets, share our links on their social media pages, and be actively involved by commenting on each stop. And if you can think of something else… well, don’t think twice and do it!

Q Have you ever had conflict break out between a blogger and an author? A bad review? How did you handle it as intermediaries?

This kind of situation is uncomfortable to handle, but we always do our best to avoid unhappiness from both sides. A bad review is very tricky, because it also depends on the author’s feelings about it. There are authors who don’t like bad reviews at all, and others who don’t mind as long as it’s honest. Personally, since we’re reviewers too, we side with the second kind. The purpose of a review is to let people know what one really thinks about a book after all, isn’t it? So yes, we guarantee honest reviews during a tour and negative reviews can happen sometimes, but never mean ones.

Thanks again ladies for championing authors and best of luck!

Have you worked with Franny and Silvia? What was your experience? To find out more about Franny and Silvia and Dark World Books, please connect with them:

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3 thoughts on “Authors, meet your champions: Franny and Silvia, Dark World Books is born!

  1. Well now ladies!!! You’re all fantastic!! I see Mr Tom called you guys awesome… How about I top him and call you ladies FANTASTICALLY MAGNIFICENT!!! 🙂 you were the first to allow my blog to be part of your tours when I was just starting out! It will be one year old in December, so THANK YOU!! It’s a whole lot because of you that I’ve got followers and I’ve had so many wonderful tour stops on my blog! Personally- all blogging aside- you ladies are so sweet and cute- I am sending many virtual hugs!! I love you guys!! 🙂

  2. Aw, I have friendships stemming from Buffy & Angel and general TV chit chat too.
    I’ve worked with these girls and have nothing but good things to say. Good luck with the new company.

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