Authors, meet your champions: Franny and Silvia, Dark World Books is born!



One bestselling author described their book blog tours as “epic.”

Meet Francesca Poggi and Silvia Paoletta of Dark World Books. Their newly launched company offers customized boutique services such as: book tours, book trailers, design services, and more. The UK-based team helps independent and published authors of Urban/Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Steampunk, YA Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance and Dark Erotica.

Last year, the duo worked with about 30 authors including yours truly. (They organized a blog tour for What Kills Me and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience.) I’m thrilled that they made some time to answer some questions about their work:

Q How did you two meet?

We met eight years ago thanks to the mutual passion for the TV shows Buffy and Angel and we’ve been inseparable since. We’ve been very excited to finally start this journey.

Q What are the benefits of a blog tour?

The best thing about blog tours is that they can literally make a book (and the author) travel worldwide. It’s not just a matter of spreading the word about a novel, bloggers are also curious to know who’s behind it. They like to know what kind of person the author is, and that’s the reason why we always encourage authors to do interviews and guest posts. A blog tour doesn’t necessarily guarantee a boost in sales, but what it does, is generate interest, and that’s what authors need to focus on during the tour.

Q What kind of advice do you have for authors trying to spread the word about their books (besides get help from Dark World Books)? Continue reading

Let there be light! Rachel McClelland’s highly-anticipated sequel Fractured Soul

Rachel McClelland’s upcoming memoir, Confessions of a Cereal Mother: True Stories to Let Every Mother Know She’s Not Alone in the Craziness, will be released next year. And because raising four children doesn’t keep her busy enough, she is also releasing Fractured Soul, the highly-anticipated sequel to her supernatural novel, Fractured Light, in 2013. Talk about underachieving.

Joking aside, I’m so proud to reveal the beautiful cover for Fractured Soul. Look out for the book in early 2013. Please connect with Rachel with congratulate her! Continue reading

A life among Robert Zimmerman’s pages: a poetic exploration of life, loss and relationships

Many indie authors know Robert Zimmerman. He’s a champion of their work, friend and supporter. So I’m happy to announce that Robert’s debut poetry collection, From Where I Stand, will be released later this month. Here’s the unveiling of his cover! Go to his blog to tell him congrats, hurray, etc.

From Robert Zimmermann comes From Where I Stand, an emotional debut poetry collection. Zimmermann explores strained parental relationships, loss of life, and the despair associated with grief. Alongside these darker themes, he delves into the small areas of life that often go unnoticed but become the hope we are searching for.

Expected release November 2012

Example’s of Robert’s poetry can be found in the poetry section on his blog. He
also has poems published by Albany Poets. Continue reading

What Kills Me…kills some trees. Buy the hard copy now!

Since its debut as an ebook this summer, thousands of readers have gone on the adventure, propelling What Kills Me to #1 in occult books last month.

I’m so grateful for everyone’s interest and enthusiasm for the story. Many have asked for it and I am happy to say that What Kills Me is being released today in hard copy so more can enjoy Axelia’s story.

(And maybe finally, my father will read the book now that it’s in a form that he recognizes.)

Check out the new trailer!

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Book blurb: An ancient prophecy warns of a girl destined to cause the extinction of the vampire race. So when 17-year-old Axelia falls into a sacred well filled with blood and emerges a vampire, the immortal empire believes she is this legendary destroyer. Hunted by soldiers and mercenaries, Axelia and her reluctant ally, the vampire bladesmith Lucas, must battle to survive. How will she convince the empire that she is just an innocent teenager-turned bloodsucker and not a creature of destruction? And if she cannot, can a vampire who is afraid of bugs summon the courage to fight a nation of immortals?

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