How winter makes trick-or-treating better (and a giveaway to win one of 40 prizes!)

This looks warm.

Trick-or-treating in winter weather is well, tricky. You’re never just a princess or a ninja. You’re a girl in a snowsuit with a pink cone hat or a ninja in a parka. So growing up in a Canadian city with blizzards, eight-foot-tall snowbanks and -30 C temperatures, forces you to approach Halloween differently.

First, all of my costumes accommodated winter gear. I mostly wore capes. I was a bat. I was a vampire. I was a witch.

Second, you have to keep warm on the streets. If you keep moving, you can work up a sweat. And this also facilitates optimal candy collecting. The faster and more efficiently you hit houses, the heavier your pillowcase will be — and the more you will sweat.

Lastly, it’s too cold for antics. The less fooling around you do — toilet-papering trees and what not — the more you can focus on that sweet haul.

I’ve never had the experience of going out for Halloween in the heat. Can someone tell me what that’s like?

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