There are no such things as bad guys…well, except for Hannibal and Pennywise and…

Note: This topic comes up in the What Kills Me book club section on my blog; so I wanted to chat a bit about it:

I love villains. Villains make or break stories for me. (For example, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson’s The Joker elevated their respective Batman films. By contrast, Ryan Reynold’s film, Green Lantern, was ruined because the villain looked like a swirling mass of world-eating poop.)

I like to wonder what baddies were like when they were young. Before they murdered, or ate human flesh. You know, when they were adorable babies. How did they get so twisted? Continue reading

The Booker Award, the Look Challenge and the Next Big Thing Blog Hop

When I was young, I hated chain letters. Mostly because of Christopher Pike’s horror novel, Chain Letter. I thought some ghastly fate would befall me if I didn’t pass it on. But in the past few weeks, I’ve been “tagged” by several amazing authors in various games. So chain letters are now compliments!

I’m going to address them all in a single blog post. That’s right, it’s a triptych. Three for one! The Booker Award. The Look Challenge. And The Next Big Thing Blog Hop! Continue reading

When a giant film production company takes apart your novel, what do you do?

I wrote this post for Journey With Books and wanted to share it with you, my author and blogger friends again:
“You should attempt to veil your petty jealousy over not being nearly as kind, talented or beautiful as [actress].”
I got smacked with this message from a movie distributor after I wrote an obviously less than positive critique of his film. As part of my job at a national newspaper in Canada, I write movie reviews. I re-read that message several times, until the sting went away and then I swallowed the note (not literally — though eating paper is probably more pleasant than getting criticism).