What Kills Me…a buck and on a blog tour!

For the duration of the What Kills Me Book Tour via Dark Mind Tours, What Kills Me will be .99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords! If you haven’t already, get yours today and go on the ultimate adventure.

My first stop on tour is at Mind Reader!

Q: Was there a scene in the book you found particularly hard to write?

A: Without giving anything away, any scene where one of my favorite characters dies, is always sad for me.
Visit Franny’s great blog to read the entire interview and her review of What Kills Me.

What Kills Me is on a tour (of the net)! Blog tour begins Monday.

Blog tours are fantastic. I get to connect with the reading community from the comfort of my home. I get to stay in my jammies and answer your questions without worrying about the Cheetos crumbs in my lap or the rat’s nest that is my unbrushed hair.

And you get to hear more about my debut novel, What Kills without leaving your couch or office! It’s a win-win.

Speaking of winning, follow me on the tour and you’ll have a chance to win some great prizes. Please Tweet, message, Facebook stalk me. It can get pretty lonely at home with only an empty bag of Cheetos to talk to.

Thanks for your support. See you on the tour! Here’s the SCHEDULE of where I will be stopping! Continue reading

Passage from What Kills Me: Burning in the sun

He was burning in the sun. Smoke lifted upward from his writhing body. His face, his hands and chest, were dark red and wet like a skinned animal. Yellow blisters bubbled up all over him and then burst as the skin tore into open wounds. The pus, viscous like tomato pulp, hardened into a brown layer. The sun singed off his thick hair and scabs spread across his scalp.

Still in the shade, I pulled at my chains with all of my strength. Come on! The bolts loosened. I saw them spring up with every jerk.

He was now unrecognizable, covered in a smoldering, crackling charcoal crust. He had stopped moving. He was no longer screaming. Through the haze I could see that the door was already bathed in sunlight. I’m going to burn. Continue reading