The WINNER of the Tournament of Monsters!!!

Eight monsters battled for the title of the ultimate monster: Imhotep the Mummy, Vampires, Zombies, Darth Vader, Pennywise, Mankind, The Balrog of Moria, and Koh the Face Stealer. Your votes have decided — the winner of the Tournament of Monsters is…


Acceptance speech by Brandon R. Luffman, author of Out After Dark and Best Served Hot“I’m honored to have my entry chosen as the winner of the Tournament of Monsters. I’d like to thank Wynne Channing for coming up with this great idea and letting us all participate. Also, I’d like to thank all of the readers who took the time to visit and vote for our entries! Thank you very much!”

If Mankind is unable to fulfill its duties as the ultimate monster (for example, if Mankind is mysteriously devoured by a giant spider or dragged into a sewer by a brightly dressed suspect), Pennywise as runner-up will take Mankind’s place.

Thank you to all of the authors who participated in this amazing event: Thomas Winship, Brandon R. Luffman, Vicki Essex, Melissa Douthit, Kayla Curry, and Christie Rich. Please check out their work, especially if you liked their clever defences!

Special thanks also goes to Renato Pastor who drew all of the monster profiles and Chip Zdarsky who designed the tournament ladder!

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who visited the event and who voted. Sweet dreams!

The fair isn’t over yet! Tune in later for some more monster fun and for a feature about acclaimed author, Rebecca Hamilton and her “Midas touch.”

5 thoughts on “The WINNER of the Tournament of Monsters!!!

  1. This was so much fun. It would be really cool to have something like this once a month and let any writer participate. Lots of work, but very fun!

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