Balrog of Moria VS Darth Vader (Tournament of Monsters)

Who would win in a no-holds-barred battle to the death? Balrog or Darth? In honour of the inaugural Blogger Book Fair (All’s Fair in Blogs and More!), they go head-to-head in the TOURNAMENT OF MONSTERS!


The Balrog of Moria (The Lord of the Rings): One word description of the Balrog of Moria: badass. This demon of the deep is fierce with his fiery whip and razor sharp claws.  Created by Morgoth to torture captives, he lies dormant in pit of hell waiting for his next victim to drag down into the inferno with him. Defended by Melissa Douthit, author of The Raie’Chaelia and The Firelight of Maalda


Darth Vader (Star Wars): This “Chosen One” will never win Father of the Year. He choked his pregnant wife before she died of a broken heart. He sliced his son’s hand off. Worst of all, he blew up his daughter’s adopted home planet because she refused to tell him where the party was. (Plus if I can’t beat a monster that was bested by some white-haired old man, I’d never win the competition anyway.) Defended by Thomas Winship, author of Vaempires: Revolution and Vaempires: White Christmas

Who will win? Tune in tomorrow to see who advances to the next round. Don’t forget to cheer for your choice. Make their headshots your profile pic on Facebook. Tweet with the hashtag #MonsterMash.  Tell us who should win. Trash the losers. Don’t see your favorite monster on this list? Let us know who you would throw into the ring!

Check back throughout the day for more battles!

Meet the defenders!

Melissa Douthit grew up in North County of San Diego, California. After graduating with a Computer Science degree in Southern California, and working for a summer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in New Mexico, she moved to the Bay Area to work at NASA Ames Research Center for a year and then at Lawrence Livermore National Lab for another four years. From there, she moved to Monterey, California, to work at the Naval Postgraduate School on a government project for two years. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, working as a software engineer. Since high school, she has been a voracious reader of books of all genres, with an emphasis in fantasy and science fiction. Her literary work is strongly influenced by her professional experience and includes many elements of her scientific background.






Thomas Winship was born in Middletown, NY (USA) and still resides in Orange County. He holds an MBA in Management from St. Thomas Aquinas College, where he serves as MBA Director and adjunct professor of courses in English Composition, Communications, and Business. His first novel, a mystery/legal thriller entitled Temporary Insanity (a.k.a. Case Closed), was a 2008 finalist in a national contest but failed to garner industry attention. His second novel, Væmpires: Revolution, was published in October and a follow-up novella, Væmpires: White Christmas, was published in December.

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One thought on “Balrog of Moria VS Darth Vader (Tournament of Monsters)

  1. Haha! Everyone knows Darth is the baddest MF of all! Yeah, yeah … The Balrog crawled from the fire–so did Darth! In fact, he left an arm and two legs behind … because he’s so bad he didn’t need them!!

    And what’s with the whip? Darth’s lightsaber would cut that thing down to size in no time. Heck, the last time Darth saw a whip it was among the rest of his toys back on Tatooine. (*There is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that Amidala and Anakin kept a whip in their bedroom for “play time.” That was a vicious rumor started by Jar-Jar Binks because they never took him up on his offer of a “threesa wit meesa.”)

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