Imhotep the Mummy VS Vampires (Tournament of Monsters)

Who would win in a no-holds-barred battle to the death? Imhotep the Mummy or a vampire? In honour of the inaugural Blogger Book Fair (All’s Fair in Blogs and More!), they go head-to-head in the TOURNAMENT OF MONSTERS!


Vampires: When Imhotep is done with you, you’ll either be brainless undead or just dead. If you’re unlucky enough to survive a Vampire’s attack you’ll be completely aware of every atrocity you commit against mankind, your family, or any monster with guts enough to face you. Knowing your damnation is the scariest thing of all. Defended by Christie Rich, author of Five and Dark Matter


Imhotep (The Mummy and The Mummy Returns): Vampires need blood to survive, right? Well, check this out; Imhotep the mummy can turn water into blood. How about that? Not only can he use the Plagues of Egypt to terrorize the earth, he can control sand as well. Who wants to die by suffocating on sand? Not me. Defended by Kayla Curry, author of Obsidian

Who will win? Tune in tomorrow to see who advances to the next round. Don’t forget to cheer for your choice. Make their headshots your profile pic on Facebook. Tweet with the hashtag #MonsterMash.  Tell us who should win. Trash the losers. Don’t see your favorite monster on this list? Let us know who you would throw into the ring!

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Meet the defenders!

Christie Rich lives in a small town with her husband, two kids, spastic dog, and two lazy cats. She loves delving into fantasy — whether it is reading a book, watching a great movie, or recently, writing something she absolutely loves.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Kayla Curry lives in North Platte, Nebraska with her husband and two year old son. She is always getting ideas for stories from random thoughts and places, but a lot of inspiration comes from the wide range of people she sees while working front desk at a local hotel. Journalism was an important part of learning who she was as a writer, but ultimately, Kayla’s creativity won over and she decided to write fiction short stories in her free time.

Website | Twitter Facebook | Blog | Goodreads


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