Who are your favourite monsters?

To close the inaugural Blogger Book Fair, I asked readers and writers, who their favourite monsters were. Here’s what you said:

The Abominable Snowman. I have such great memories of watching that show. When we were young, my sister and I used to hide behind the olive-colored rocking chair when the Abominable Snowman came on the screen. Now, of course, I know him as the lovable character he is! – Pam Stucky, author of the Wishing Rock series

Voldemort, without a doubt. I love his backstory. – H. Suthard

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The WINNER of the Tournament of Monsters!!!

Eight monsters battled for the title of the ultimate monster: Imhotep the Mummy, Vampires, Zombies, Darth Vader, Pennywise, Mankind, The Balrog of Moria, and Koh the Face Stealer. Your votes have decided — the winner of the Tournament of Monsters is…


Acceptance speech by Brandon R. Luffman, author of Out After Dark and Best Served Hot“I’m honored to have my entry chosen as the winner of the Tournament of Monsters. I’d like to thank Wynne Channing for coming up with this great idea and letting us all participate. Also, I’d like to thank all of the readers who took the time to visit and vote for our entries! Thank you very much!”

If Mankind is unable to fulfill its duties as the ultimate monster (for example, if Mankind is mysteriously devoured by a giant spider or dragged into a sewer by a brightly dressed suspect), Pennywise as runner-up will take Mankind’s place.

Thank you to all of the authors who participated in this amazing event: Thomas Winship, Brandon R. Luffman, Vicki Essex, Melissa Douthit, Kayla Curry, and Christie Rich. Please check out their work, especially if you liked their clever defences!

Special thanks also goes to Renato Pastor who drew all of the monster profiles and Chip Zdarsky who designed the tournament ladder!

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who visited the event and who voted. Sweet dreams!

The fair isn’t over yet! Tune in later for some more monster fun and for a feature about acclaimed author, Rebecca Hamilton and her “Midas touch.”

The Forever Girl Author Rebecca Hamilton and the golden touch

Rebecca Hamilton’s first work of fiction was a short story in elementary school about King Midas. She added this twist: everything he touched turned to chocolate. “In the end, he turned himself into chocolate and a dog ate him,” she says.

In January, the 27-year-old Florida-based mother of three with no prior writing experience published her debut novel, The Forever Girl. And some of her peers in the indie writing community regard her as having the “golden touch.”

In six months, her best-selling paranormal fantasy novel has sold more than 6,000 copies. (To put this in perspective, a book is a Canadian bestseller if it sells 5,000 copies and that could take years.) She has almost 70,000 followers on Twitter and 300 reviewers have rated the book mostly five-stars on Amazon. “I expected to sell a few copies and figured that would be better than selling none,” she says. Continue reading

Ultimate Monster? Isen: soul stealers from the world of the Grimoire Trilogy

Will it be Pennywise or Mankind? Have you voted? The Tournament of Monsters ends tomorrow with one winner. But first, a bonus post on a chilling new breed of evil!

S. M. Boyce wanted to drop in with a bonus post for the Tournament of Monsters. The coolest part? She’s introducing an evil creature from her debut series, the Grimoire Trilogy.

What would you do if your soul was trapped in another’s body—and they could use the skills and knowledge you’ve built thus far in your life? What if they could don your appearance at any time, live your life if they wanted, and you could only watch?

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FINAL ROUND: Your vote decides the winner: Pennywise vs Man!

Two monsters enter the ring. Bloodied and bruised from previous battles but determined to be the last standing. Who will be crowned the ultimate monster? Will it be Man or Clown. Your votes decide and the winner is crowned Sunday!


We’ve built weapons capable of leveling entire cities. We have taken the deadliest poisons and diseases Mother Nature could create over billions of years of evolution and turned them into weapons of war. We have perfected the art of killing all things—man, beast, or plant. Here, mankind’s greatest challenge is: A clown with bad teeth?

We came from the muck of primordial seas. When the dinosaurs were wiped out, we took the world they merely inhabited and subjugated it. We moved from the trees to the caves, from the caves to the cities we built as sprawling temples to our own ingenuity, and soon we’ll conquer the stars.

But, what do we know about this enemy? Pennywise is no mere clown like those that cheer or terrify children at circuses. What we know about Pennywise is this: The weakest of our species are our children, who even by Animal Kingdom standards are weak and easily devoured. In the end, when Pennywise was first defeated and sent spinning back into whatever screaming chaos he came from, it was children who did it. He returned, but those same children had grown into their beasthood: the adult form of the deadliest species.” Defended by Brandon R. Luffman, author of Out After Dark and Best Served Hot



Man is many things. Petty. Selfish. Cruel. Self-destructive. But a monster? Man is not. Man is capable of wonderful, gushy-mushy things. They love. They care. They sacrifice for the greater good. Man will bake you chocolate chip cookies and tuck you in at night with kisses. Man will take your hand to give you support. Pennywise will take your hand — literally. It will rip your arm off and disappear into the depths of the sewers, until the next innocent child comes along.

Stephen King has ruined clowns — and storm drains — for a generation. Who can look at a white face and a red nose without imagining a mouthful of fangs? “George saw the clown’s face change. What he saw then was terrible enough to make his worst imaginings of the thing in the cellar look like sweet dreams; what he saw destroyed his sanity in one clawing stroke,” King wrote.

It has no name. It preys on Man’s weakness: fear. It manipulates Man to do evil. Man is but its pawn. It is what, Man will thankfully never be: a true monster. Defended by Wynne Channing, author of What Kills Me

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FINAL ROUND! The winners are…

On Thursday, eight monsters entered the ring: Darth, Balrog, Koh, Vampires, Zombies, Imhotep, Mankind and Pennywise. On Friday, there were four. Now only two remain and it is up to you to choose who is the ULTIMATE MONSTER!

The winners after the bloody battle are…drum roll please…MANKIND and PENNYWISE!

This epic smack down happens at dawn! Cheer for the man or the clown. Make their headshots your profile pic on Facebook. Tweet with the hashtag #MonsterMash.  Tell us who should win. Then tune in Sunday to see who the champion is!!!