Happy Birthday WKM!

The restaurant staff saw the cake and thought it was my birthday so they stuck candles in the sky and marched out in full song. So we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Wynne Channing and her book. I laughed my butt off.

Then when we ate the cake, the black icing stained all of our mouths so we looked like zombies. We took turns taking pictures of our grey teeth and purple lips. And I laughed some more.

Thanks everyone for making the launch of WKM such an event!

What Kills Me is available at Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) and Smashwords for $2.99.

What Kills Me is officially on sale today!!!

It is with huge joy that I welcome the birth of my first and only baby! After six months of labour and weighing zero pounds (it’s an ebook), What Kills Me is finally joining the world!

What Kills Me (ASIN: B0089H01VO) is now available on Amazon.

You can also find it on Smashwords (ISBN: 978-0-9881054-0-9) for Kobo and Nook.

Please check it out and share the word. I’d love to hear what you think!

Ways to find me: http://wynnechanning.com




Judging a book by its cover: Designing a front

I know people tell you not to do it; but I still do. I judge a book by its cover. And I expect others to do the same.

So to find the perfect cover for What Kills Me, I needed inspiration. I looked at other books. I looked at movie posters and album covers. I surfed Deviantart, an online community of artists. Then this image by Liliana Sanches Davis caught my eye:

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