Reviewer gives 5/5 (and acts out the fight scenes…)

Thanks to A. A. Omer for this amazing review on her blog. (And as long as she didn’t hurt herself, I’m happy she could get a few punches in… though I’m totally picturing her beheading stuffed animals and drop-kicking pillows. Maybe I need a disclaimer: “The stunts in this book were performed by 600-year-old vampires. Please do not attempt…”)

Omer: “The fight scenes were so vivid in my mind that I proceeded to act them out in my room (…you know…to make sure they were accurate). The setting was so beautifully described, both Italy and later Taiwan, that these places were literally painted beneath my eye lids as though I was there as well.”

“Axelia (or Zee in the novel) is not your ordinary vampire newbie.  Her reactions to this new world that she’s been thrust through are real and at times hilarious. She stumbles and messes up despite how powerful she’s supposed to be and that made me like her more.”

Read the full review on her blog.

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